Benefits of Martial Arts Lessons


Self Defense
  • o Kicks & Punches
  • o Sweeps
  • o Throws
  • o Grappling
  • o Weapons
  • o Ground Control
Physical Development
  • o Weight Loss
  • o Increased Balance
  • o Muscular Strength
  • o Cardio-Vascular
  • o Stress Reduction
Personal Development
  • o Self Confidence
  • o Self Discipline
  • o Patience
  • o Humility
  • o Listening Skills (kids)
  • o Attention Span (kids)

Staff Overview

Grandmaster Huang Straight Sword

The Head Instructor and Owner of the U.S. Kuoshu Academy is 64th generation Tien Shan Pai Huang, Chien-Liang. Grandmaster Huang has been teaching in the United States since 1973. His students have won championship standing at national, international and world-level tournaments from 1980 to the present day. Grandmaster Huang is also one of the world-s foremost promoters of traditional Chinese martial arts tournaments. For more than 20 years, he has hosted national and international tournaments in the Baltimore area. His events are attended by competitors and Masters from the United States and abroad. Grandmaster Huang teaches the Instructor Staff, Advanced Kung Fu class (Black Sash), Advanced Tai Chi class on a weekly basis, and seminars in the school at regular intervals throughout the year.

Group classes at U.S. Kuoshu Academy are taught by our Instructor Staff of expertly trained martial artists who are selected on the basis of martial arts knowledge, martial arts skill and effectiveness in teaching. All of our instructors - in any of programs - present themselves as composed and respectful at all times.

Instructors and assistant instructors in the Adult Kung Fu program are senior students at U.S. Kuoshu Academy. Every Instructor in the Kung Fu program holds a black sash ranking under Grandmaster Huang. Instructors are selected on the basis of martial arts knowledge, martial arts skill and effectiveness in teaching. We believe that our instructors are some of the most qualified instructors in the country - on the basis of martial arts knowledge, years of experience and performance ability. Instructors are typically advanced students and our Senior Instructors all have more than a fifteen (15) years of experience in the Chinese martial arts. Many of our instructors are national, international and world champions in Chinese martial arts. All of our instructors are volunteers at the school. Why is this important? Because, this means our staff teaches at the school because they want to and not because they are paid to be there!